Training in martial arts is a great way to stay fit, develop your strength, flexibility, learn self defence, improve balance, improve self discipline and a whole lot more! You can also make great friends and have a great time. Karate training is no exception!


At our clubs we like to start training with some sort of gentle warm up, to get the blood pumping and muscles warm. After that we enjoy a good stretch. Then we usually start with some basic punches and kicks. Depending on what the sensei (Japanese for teacher) has got planned we might be doing anything from the following. Combination techniques, an exercise to improve a single technique, hitting or kicking focus mitts, hitting or kicking kick shields, practise sparring, practise self defence or do some kata.


If any of that appeals and you’re interested in starting to learn karate, getting fit, learning self defence, meeting new people or have a particular goal, you should get in touch with one of the instructors (check out our classes page for more details) and come visit us to try out a session.