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We are a group of Karate clubs that in include Kingswells Karate, Bucskburn Seishin-Kain Karate Club and Aberdeen Seishin-Kai Karate Club.

All 3 clubs train in Wado Ryu Karate. We train in 3 locations 4 nights of the week. The classes are for several age ranges and for all levels. 

Karate is excellent for learning self defence, gaining confidence, improving fitness, improving flexibility, improving strength, gaining self-discipline and making new friends. Come along and try one of our classes or get in touch with one of the instructors.



Aberdeen Seishin-Kai (translation: spirit of mind) was founded by Chief Instructor Duncan Mcpherson 5th Dan in 1982. Instructor Danny McLernon 4th Dan joined the club in late 1983 and has trained with Duncan for the last twenty four years. He started Blackburn Karate Club in 2006. Simon Heys 3rd Dan joined the club in 1992 and has trained under instructors Duncan McPherson and Danny McLernon. Simon Heys started Kingswells Karate Club at the beginning of 2018 and Alford Karate Club in 2020. 




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