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All of our instructors are highly skilled and have been practising karate for a number of years. Find out more below!


Kingswells Karate Club and Alford Karate Club

Instructor Simon Heys 3rd Dan joined the club in 1992 and has trained under instructors Duncan McPherson and Danny McLernon in Aberdeen. He spent two years training with Paul Jackson and Mark McLeod in Newcastle. Simon has competed in competitions in Scotland and England. He represented Scotland at the WKC 2011 World Karate Championships, competing in team kumite and kata. He also represented Scotland in individual kumite and Kata in an international tournament in France (2015). He has also attended training camps with Doug James of Chojinkai Karate. He makes regular trips to Hungary to train with the Zen Do Karate group under chief instructor Reti Istvan.


Blackburn Karate Club

Instructor Danny McLernon 5th Dan joined the club in late 1983 and has trained with Duncan for the last twenty four years. Danny also went on to successfully compete in Free-style fighting and Kata at local, national and International levels; and in 2006 was part of a winning Scottish team competing against Norway in Freestyle Fighting. Danny started a karate group at Blackburn, Aberdeenshire on Monday and Friday evenings.


Blackburn Karate Club

Chief Instructor Duncan McPherson 6th Dan has over forty five years experience in Karate. He started training in the style of Shotokan in 1972 before switching to Wado Ryu two years later. He gained his First Dan, under Sensei Toru Takamazwa in 1981 in Birmingham, England. His second Dan was achieved under Japanese examiner Sensie Meji Suzuki. Over the next few years he attained 3rd and 4th Dan with Scottish coach Hamish Adams of the SKF. Finally reaching his 5th and 6th Dans through Sensei Ronnie Watt of the NKF.


He has successfully competed in both Kata and free style fighting (individual and team), at local national and international levels. Representing both the club and Scotland in competition. Duncan is committed to maintaining the highest standard of karate at the club, which enjoys an excellent reputation.

In addition to his qualificatiions, he has attended many courses under Grand masters: Shingo Ohgami, Toru Takamizawa, Kanazawa and Meji Suzuki; (former world champion ) Vic Charles and many others.



Blackburn Karate Club

Instructor Kelly Fleming 3rd Dan, joined & trained in Wado Ryu Karate as a child & teenager, leaving briefly for her career and children. Returning to train under Sensei Duncan McPherson’s club in 2001, with Sensei McPherson & Sensei Danny McLernon.  Whilst attending various courses and seminars with world class competitor's. Kelly has herself competed in Scottish / European & World Championships, Competing in individual Kumite / team rotation Kumite & Kata. Winning many medals & trophies including 3rd & 4th placed in World Championships. Kelly is an instructor and administrator for the Blackburn Karate club and is very welcoming to all new members.

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