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Karate instruction delivered by Simon Heys and Niki Heys. We have a fantastic  dojo to train at in Alford with a floor fully covered with mats. This dojo is a smaller space than our other dojos so classes are limited in size. Many of our experienced karateka come out from Kingswells to train at the Alford Dojo so there is a nice mix of beginners and experienced students in the adults class.

In our classes we aim to develop our members karate skills and to help them develop as people. Our aim is to develop excellent karate practitioners that demonstrate humility, hard work and team work. In our children's classes we help our students develop their self confidence and give them plenty of opportunities to work in small teams to help them learn from each other and build valuable communication skills. In our adults classes our senior students work closely with beginners and help them develop at an appropriate pace. 

Training takes place at Leanne MacVeigh's Dance Studio in Alford, Station Yard, Alford, AB33 8FD.

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Training Times


Children’s Class


6.00-6.55pm £6.50 per session


7.05-7.55pm £6.50 per session


8.00 - 9.30pm £6.50 per session



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